5 Ways to Motivate Yourself Daily – PART TWO

Part 2 of 5

I decided to break this topic up into 5 parts to allow me to share some deeper thoughts that I have on each individual tip and to make it easier to digest for you, the reader. So let’s get started.

In part #1, we talked about the importance of having a morning and evening routine as a way to help you motivate yourself. If you’re well rested and able to start each day with a clear-cut plan, taking the steps needed to reach your goals become so much easier! Let’s move on to the next step:

#2 – Make a vision board

A vision board is a powerful tool that will help remind you daily (several times a day in fact) of your dreams and desires. It is a collage of images and/or words that represent your goals in a very real and visual form. These images and words can be things you cut out from magazines. They can be handwritten quotes or statements that inspire you. Drawings. Anything that triggers your mind to see the end result of your hard work should go onto your vision board. By having these reminders all in one place, it is easier for you visualize and manifest them into your life.

If you have a cork bulletin board at home you can use that, or buy some poster board or foam board from a craft store (or the Dollar Store to save some money!) and start collecting images and text from magazines, or print out related inspirational ideas from web sites. Are you artistic? Draw or paint your dreams. Save positive notes from friends and family. Once you have your collection of inspiration, add them to your board! You can create a backdrop on your board if you’d like and add your items on top of that. Arrange the items in whatever way feels good to you and will make you smile – and feel happy and inspired – every time you look at it! 

I suggest having several vision boards for different goals. If for example you have a goal to run a marathon, make one board that includes words and images specific to that purpose.

A runner breaking through the tape at the finish line. A fitness chart outlining a training routine you might want to follow. A map of the route of the upcoming race.

Do the same for other goals. Is there a certain job you want? Fill that vision board with things specific to that line of work. Want a new car or home? Same thing. You get the idea.

Place these vision boards in locations that will allow you to notice them throughout the day. The more you see your dreams in images and words, the easier it will be to keep them in your mind’s eye which will result in having them manifest into reality. I think placing the vision boards that relate to achieving health goals in a place where you spend time exercising or meditating for example is a great idea! If your vision boards are related to finding your dream job, place them in an area where you will see them when you are getting ready for work every day, or maybe in your home office if you do a lot of work from home. Dreaming of that new car? Place your vision board for that goal on the door to the garage or in the area where you keep your car keys so that you see it every time you are leaving the house.

If you have never watched the movie “The Secret”, I suggest you check it out. The movie outlines the steps required to achieve anything in your life. Success in business, financial freedom, relationships, etc.

Here are links to the movie and the book, both found on Amazon:

The book (available in paperback and hardcover): https://amzn.to/34DVWyr

The video (available to rent or buy): https://amzn.to/2EA0j2N

I hope you found some helpful information in today’s post. Be sure to come back on Wednesday for part #3 of our five part series “5 Ways to Motivate Yourself Daily”.

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