5 Ways to Motivate Yourself Daily – PART THREE

Part 3 of 5

I decided to break this topic up into 5 parts to allow me to share some deeper thoughts that I have on each individual tip and to make it easier to digest for you, the reader. So let’s get started.

In parts #1 and #2 we talked about the importance of having a morning and evening routine, and explained what a vision board is and how it can be a powerful tool to keeping you motivated and on track to achieving your goals. Let’s move on to the next step:

#3 – State your intentions

If you’ve ever mentioned in casual conversation with a friend or family member that you’d like to do something “some day”, then had that person bring this up to you some time later, maybe asking “Hey, did you ever start that blog you talked about starting months ago?”, you probably know where I’m going with this post.

Stating your intentions is a very powerful way to keep you on track with your goals and dreams. It takes the thoughts that are in your head, your personal desire to accomplish something, and turns them into things that you need to be accountable for. Here’s an example. My wife and I had been dreaming of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Maine, for about 5 years when, in September of 2019, I put in notice at my job and we publicly announced to friends, family, and co-workers that we would be making our dream a reality and starting our journey in March of 2020. 

Saying this out loud and having a specific plan in place made this real and, more importantly, made us accountable to our decision. We had to follow through with this. Our friends and family were on board and excited! They were asking questions and wanted to know how they could help us turn this dream into a reality. We couldn’t back out now. We opened that door and there was no way to close it again. Doing so would be a huge disappointment to not only ourselves but to everyone around us who was cheering us on. We even took it a step further and created a YouTube channel and promised to post daily videos of our journey so that the folks back home could see our progress and “walk the trail” with us. We made a serious commitment to our dream and started the process of making it come to life.

You don’t need a goal as ambitious as walking a 2,193 mile trail over a period of six months. That might not be YOUR dream. So what is your dream? What is the one thing you’ve wanted to do “some day” that you could publicly state to friends and family today “I am going to do ________ and here’s my plan on how I’m going to do it”? Nothing feels quite as good as that – except for the feeling of finally accomplishing the goal! Now go do it!

I hope you found some helpful information in today’s post. Be sure to come back on Wednesday for part #4 of our five part series “5 Ways to Motivate Yourself Daily”.

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