My first few days at camp

While we are off hiking the Appalachian Trail, our dog Bayley will be spending the summer with friends. For the first three months she will be staying at Camp Carico Hills with Leslie & Larry. One of the fun things about summer camp is that we will be receiving letters every now and again from her letting us know she’s having a good time. Here is her first letter to us!

Hi Moms!

OMD (oh my dog!) You left me—you really left me! We need to have a serious conversation about why you left me here. It is nice here and everything, and I know that you guys are going on your BIG HIKE, but I don’t see why you did not take me along. I am not too old to go! No older than YOU TWO. Ya, I have a hip that hurts sometimes but one of you has a bad knee and the other has a bad foot so I don’t see why I am any worse off than you two. Humph!

I guess my first day at Camp Carico Hills is going ok. Auntie Leslie is writing for me. Why…well because I don’t have hands. Did you forget already? I only have paws. There are some other kids here. I played with one of them today. His name is Turbo. He is ok. He is kind of cute.

He slept in the top bunk (aka the human bed) and I slept on my cozy bed. I ate my breakfast–all of it. Then I got my 2 treats. At least you got that right and made sure you left me my snacks.

A little later all us kids went outside to play. I was trying to play by myself with Auntie Leslie and the ball but Turbo kept taking it from me.

I got in a little bit of trouble–not baadddd— Just a little. I got tired of Turbo getting the ball so I told him to knock it off (yes I growled) and Auntie Leslie said NO! Sigh! Guess I have to learn to put up with the little guy.

I let Auntie Leslie pet my head. She was really careful and just touched the top of my head a little so I was ok with it. I kind of like her.
Uncle Larry was cleaning something outside with the hose and I snuck in and played and grabbed the water…heheheh.

It really worked out for both of us. He worked and I played—win win! He did not let me do it much cause I would get all wet or something. I try to act like I don’t like Larry but he is kind of ok. I am hoping that if he thinks I don’t like him he will give me extra treats.

I am still mad that you left me but I guess this place will do for a few months. I’ll write again later.

Licks and wags (or better known as hugs and kisses)


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