Getting settled

Hi Moms!

I’m getting used to Camp Carico Hills. I am still mad that you did not take me on the BIG HIKE…..butttttt I have a comfy lower bunk to sleep on!

So there is a 2nd lower bunk that one of the other campers sleeps in…his name is Lobo.

But he doesn’t always sleep in the sleeping room. A lot of times he stays in the big room. So the other night I tried his bunk. It has big side pillows that are pretty comfy!

Since you left me behind, I decided that when you are sleeping on the ground in the pup tent (but without the pup I guess it is just a tent) and it is hard and there is a rock under your tushy, just remember that I am at Camp Carico Hills in a warm comfy bed and that’s what you get for leaving me behind.

I played ball with Uncle Larry yesterday. It was fun. He put all the other campers in the lodge except Lobo so I did not have to fight for my ball. We were playing and having a blast but then Auntie Leslie came outside. She watched for a little bit and then she told Uncle Larry to not do it so much otherwise my “hip” will start hurting. O.M.D. my hip ruins all the fun. I was having fun and then we had to stop too soon. It was fun playing with Uncle Larry without the other pups though.

O.M.D. O.M.D. Guess what happened! Auntie Leslie was giving me my night time treats and then when Uncle Larry and I go to bed he was giving them to me aaannnnd the same thing for breakfast! SCORE!!!!! 2 breakfast and 2 night time treats every day! But then Uncle Larry saw Auntie Leslie giving me my night treat and they figured it out that I was getting 2 treats at night and two breakfasts in the morning and it got ruined. It was pretty nummy for a few days though.

Hopefully there will be some water time sometime soon. That is the best.

Wags and Licks

p.s. Did you tell Auntie Leslie my name? She keeps calling me Bae. My name is Bayley….it even says it on my food bowl. Do you think she doesn’t know how to read?

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