Learning the camp routine

Hi Moms!

I woke up REALLY early today. It was right when the sun was coming up and boy was I READY TO PLAY. So Auntie Leslie got up and we went outside and played. It is a good thing Camp Carico Hills is way out in the country cause Auntie Leslie was in her nightie and man was her hair a mess. I had fun with Auntie Leslie. Just her and me playing in the pretty sun!

Remember when before you left and we were seeing if I would like Camp Carico Hills? Remember that red dog Sophi. Remember she talked and talked and talked and never really said anything. OMD! Remember how loud she was.

Well I think she might be sick. Boy I hope I can’t catch it. Auntie Leslie had water coming from her eyes because of Sophi’s sickness. She even had to go to the doctor. Now she has to take a whole bunch of medicine.

Everyone here takes medicine. Auntie Leslie does, Uncle Larry does, Lobo does, and now Sophi. But NOT ME! Right moms?!?! I am nice and healthy. Right? I get my treats every day!

Those ARE treats arn’t they? It’s not medicine is it? Hmmmmmm? Naaaa! They’re too yummy to be medicine.

Today when Auntie Leslie was giving Lobo and Sophi their medicine we all sat in a camp circle and we all got licks of peanut butter. That was nummy! We should do a camp circle with peanut butter when you get home.

Ohhh ya know what. Now that Sophi is getting better on her medicine she tried to bite my butt—-TWICE! Auntie Leslie yelled at her but OMD I am going to have to watch my hind end. I think that is just rude!

I am being good. I only growled at Auntie Leslie once. I eat all my dinner and all my treats.

I miss you moms. Come home soon.

Wags and Licks

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