Update from Camp

Hi Moms!

Sorry I haven’t written for awhile – just been doin camp stuff. I miss you. Hope you don’t miss me too much on your hike.

I think I told you about some of the other campers. There is this one camper, Vivi, She wags her tail to Auntie Leslie and Uncle Larry and is all nice to them but to us other campers….OMD she is MEAN!

She scares me so much so I just stay away from her.

There are 2 cats here too. They stay outside the camp area. Us campers are kind of naughty and we bark at them. I really kind of like them though.

The other day I got to go outside the camp area with Uncle Larry and I got to play with the kitties. There is one called GW and one called Krinkle. They are pretty nice and I liked playing with them.

I play the most with the little guy, Turbo. He tries to play tug-o-war with me. It is so funny. He thinks he is stronger than me.

Sometimes I let him win just so he thinks he is big. I like him….except when I am playing with Uncle Larry cause he always tries to get the toy first.

Ohhhh the other night Auntie Leslie and I went and played outside – in the dark! There is a toy here the is really bright so I could still see it but there was a light on too. But then the light went out and ohhhh the stars were so pretty! It was fun to play in the dark with Auntie Leslie but then her feet got cold and we had to go inside. I guess she doesn’t have feet like mine that don’t mind the cold.

I was a hero! A few days ago Uncle Larry had this loud rolling machine. It was chopping all the grass off. I bit the wheels and ran in front of it trying to save the grass.

I don’t know if it worked or not but I sure hope I saved some of it.

Yesterday I got to ride all by myself with Uncle Larry on a long trip. Then we stopped at this place that was really cool. Remember how much I love water. OMD I could see a whole bunch of water. Ohhh it would have been so fun to play in it! Uncle Larry put something on his back and was spraying some stinky stuff on the ground. I just decided to stay in the truck because it didn’t smell very good. It was fun to go with Uncle Larry by myself.

Ohhh Ohhh…we did camp circle again, But this time it was with HOT DOGS!!! OMD it was soooooo goooood!!!

Moms I can’t decide if I like Uncle Larry or Auntie Leslie better. Uncle Larry plays with me lots and I LOVE to play so much and he takes me outside of camp and lets me wander around.

But Auntie Leslie gives me my breakfast and she tells me I am beautiful all the time. It makes me feel so good. I give her kisses. They are both nice, I just can’t decide which I like better. hmmmmm.

I hope you are having fun on your hike. I miss you but I am having fun at camp.

Wags and Licks,

Bayley xoxoxox

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