About Us

We met in the fall of 2000 in Maui, Hawaii where we had each been living for about 12 years and have been enjoying life as a couple since then.

Our adventures have taken many forms over the years from hiking, camping, and scuba diving in Hawaii, to renovating and flipping houses, to thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail (our 2020 attempt was cut VERY short due to the COVID-19 outbreak but we will return in 2021 to continue).


Drone Pilot, Video Narrator, Tech Geek (kind of)

Originally from Boston, MA, I moved to Maui, Hawaii when I was 21 and spent nearly 20 years there before relocating to Eastern Washington state with my partner (now wife) Shari and our three dogs.

I love to meet new people and hear their stories (it also helps if they have dogs!), visit new places, hike and backpack camp, and kayak. I have an adventurous side and have been known to hop in a hot air balloon on a whim, jump out of airplanes, and scuba dive with sharks.

In December of 2019, I quit my job and sold *almost* everything with plans of thru hiking the Appalachian Trail and traveling the US in a converted cargo van.


Lover of dogs, ghost town junkie, domestic goddess (according to Kris)

I’m a dog mom who loves the thrill of a good treasure hunt whether it’s while scuba diving, poking around old barns, metal detecting, or just hitting a good estate sale!

I seem to be the most happy when surrounded by nature – hiking, being on/under/around water, and tending to a campfire are some of my favorite things to do.

I quite enjoy cooking, pulling weeds, and trying to peek behind the curtain of our perceived reality.


Adventure Dog, Lover of Treats, Fun Police

I love going on adventures with my moms and hanging out with my friends – especially if it involves swimming!! I love to play in the lake and chase the hose, but don’t really like a bath (although I tolerate it pretty well).

My favorite things to do are swimming, playing fetch, tugging my toys, and being the most adorable Border Collie ever (my moms say I am so it must be true).

I get called the “fun police” because I always keep everyone in line when we are out for our walks. No shenanigans will be tolerated on my watch!

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