You’re HOME!!!!


So tell me about your big hike – mom Shari, I heard you hurt your ankle? O.M.D. See I knew I should have gone with you. When you got hurt I could have stayed with you and your ankle would have gotten much better much sooner.

Mom Kris, you went on the hike alone for awhile? O.M.D. See if you had taken me on your big hike I could have gone with you and kept you safe and snuggled with you at night so you wouldn’t have been alone. I told you guys to take me with you!

Where are we going now? WHAT! We’re staying at Camp Carico Hills for a little while? Cool I can show you around. You can meet everyone who lives here. You already know Uncle Larry and Auntie Leslie, and here is Turbo my best bud, and Lobo the old guy, and Sophi the talker and Vivie the scary one.

Ohh I just can’t believe you are home! I have to tell you about some of the cool stuff that has happened since the last time I wrote. Sorry I haven’t written for a while … I was just chiliin and doing camp stuff.

Remember when I told you Uncle Larry and I went on a drive just the two of us and we went to where there was the big water? We’ll, we went there and stayed for some nights.

And then we went on a BOAT! ON THE WATER! Auntie Leslie said it was a Pontoon boat. Mom’s, we have to get one of those. It was so fun … and I could get up and walk all around. I thought this is going to be soooo fun playing in the water. Auntie Leslie said we couldn’t get in because it was too cold. And she made me wear one of those dumb life vest things. Doesn’t she know I can swim? Maybe all of us can go back sometime and play in the water.

I was a hero when we slept at the place with the big water. There were 3 deer right below where we sleep. I barked and barked and made sure they knew not to come near us.  They look pretty but I had to make sure I protected everyone!   

O.M.D. Sophi and Vivi got into a big fight and one of them BIT Auntie Leslie! Boy did they get in trouble. Poor Auntie Leslie. She was just trying to get them to stop fighting. They are naughty girls sometimes! Auntie Leslie had to go get a shot at the doctor but she was ok after a little bit. Now Vivi can’t sleep in the big bed anymore. Vivi always starts the fights around here (remember I told you I was a little scared of her!).

Ohhh guess what. I got on the big bed the other day! Heeheehee. It was nice and soft up there. Turbo was being all silly and zooming around and I was trying to play with him. He ran up his stairs to the big bed and was running around up there so I got up there too. Auntie Leslie didn’t care. She gave me a belly rub and we had some snuggles for a little bit. I think it is kind of funny that Turbo can’t jump up on the bed like me and has to have stairs to get up there.

Then one day there was a SKUNK in the garage here. I stayed WAY far away! I didn’t want to get all stinky. Uncle Larry and Auntie Leslie got it in a cage which wasn’t very smart because then they had to figure out how to pick up the cage so Uncle Larry could take it far away and let it go to live somewhere else. Guess what! IT CAME BACK! Man the garage stinks! Moms you better be careful if you are out there. I love you and all but if you get all stinky from the skunk I am sleeping with Uncle Larry and Auntie Leslie.

Shhhhhh don’ tell but I finally figured out that Uncle Larry is my favorite. I mean I like Auntie Leslie and all but I just like him a little bit better.

Ohhh Moms I am so happy you are home. I missed you soooo much. Can we come back and visit Camp Carico Hills sometime? 

Xoxo Bayley

P.S. OOPS! Auntie Leslie knows I like Uncle Larry better. Remember she writes my letters for me cause I don’t have hands.

PPS-Auntie Leslie here. It’s ok Bayley. I love him too. I still love you even though I am not your favorite. The summer has been fun because you were here. We will miss you!

What happened to my feet!!!

OMD! MOMS!!!! OMD! OMD! You have to come home now! Get off the trail and fly home NOW! Something is horribly wrong.

Everything was fine yesterday. Then today we all got up and I had my treats and my breakfast. Uncle Larry and Auntie Leslie went to work and I hung around the house like I usually do. Then Uncle Larry came home and we went outside. He got that machine out again – ya know, the one with the blades. Just like last time I had to try and bite it and run in front of it to save the grass. I did the best I could. Then we all came inside and we were hanging out in the big room and the next thing I know…MY FEET ARE GREEN!!

OMD.! What is happening? Do you think I am sick? So you have to come home right away. Auntie Leslie doesn’t seem concerned AT ALL!!! Please come quick!

Wags and Licks,

P.S. I got up this morning and my feet are not green any more so I think I am ok.

I wonder what happened? Maybe I am the incredible dog hulk.

P.P.S. Mom Shari we did not get to be together on your birthday so I am sending you extra wags and licks. I love you very much!