You’re HOME!!!!

O.M.D! O.M.D! O.M.D! YOU’RE HOME!! MOMS YOUR HOME! OHHHHHHHH I AM SO HAPPY. KISSES I NEED KISSES! CAN WE GO PLAY?!?! OHHH I HAVE MISSED YOU! So tell me about your big hike – mom Shari, I heard you hurt your ankle? O.M.D. See I knew I should have gone with you. When you gotContinue reading “You’re HOME!!!!”

What happened to my feet!!!

OMD! MOMS!!!! OMD! OMD! You have to come home now! Get off the trail and fly home NOW! Something is horribly wrong. Everything was fine yesterday. Then today we all got up and I had my treats and my breakfast. Uncle Larry and Auntie Leslie went to work and I hung around the house likeContinue reading “What happened to my feet!!!”