You’re HOME!!!!

O.M.D! O.M.D! O.M.D! YOU’RE HOME!! MOMS YOUR HOME! OHHHHHHHH I AM SO HAPPY. KISSES I NEED KISSES! CAN WE GO PLAY?!?! OHHH I HAVE MISSED YOU! So tell me about your big hike – mom Shari, I heard you hurt your ankle? O.M.D. See I knew I should have gone with you. When you gotContinue reading “You’re HOME!!!!”

Update from Camp

Hi Moms! Sorry I haven’t written for awhile – just been doin camp stuff. I miss you. Hope you don’t miss me too much on your hike. I think I told you about some of the other campers. There is this one camper, Vivi, She wags her tail to Auntie Leslie and Uncle Larry andContinue reading “Update from Camp”