Want to Throw Us A Few Bucks?

When we started our new adventure lifestyle, friends and family asked how they could help us. They wanted to send us care packages while we were on the Appalachian Trail for example but it was hard to coordinate shipping locations with our dates of arrival. Other folks wanted to send us a few bucks to help with our resupply costs, put gas in our tank, or buy Bayley a treat.

After looking into a few of the most popular options that other YouTube creators and full time van lifers were using as a way to bring in a little extra cash each month we decided to go with Buy Me A Coffee!

We liked the look of the site, the donation options, the way we can offer extras to monthly supporters, and the overall friendly feel in asking you to “Buy Us A Coffee”.

So if you’re feeling so inclined, visit our donation page. We always appreciate a cup of coffee or two!

Thanks for supporting our dreams.

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