2020 Appalachian Trail Adventure

Or as we like to call it, our 19-day “NOGO NOBO” vacation!

Amicalola Falls State Park
start of the Springer Mountain approach trail
March 4, 2020

In early 2019, we were in a position to make some changes in our lives. We had been taking steps since 2016 to make our Appalachian Trail dream a reality and had acquired a lot of the gear and equipment that we needed, as well as saving the money that would allow us to take a six month trip. It was in late February that we set a start date for March 4, 2020.
In the 12 months leading up to our departure, we fine-tuned our gear list (which means we changed our minds on lots of items after packing and weighing our backpacks!), we started walking and hiking more frequently and for longer distances, sold or donated 90% of our belongings, and put our house on the market.
In December of 2019, Kris quit her job and we temporarily relocated to Ellensburg, WA where we were able to house sit for friends until leaving for Georgia on February 29th.

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We left for Georgia on February 29th with plans to meet up with a good friend who had moved to the Atlanta area several years ago. We hadn’t seen her since we left Hawaii and were very excited to spend some time with her! We had a fun day re-connecting and catching up. So much fun that we think spending some extended time in Georgia just might be in our future!

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