Bayley’s Thoughts On The Holidays

Everything was going along just fine – normal even – until the weather started to change. As the days got cooler and the leaves began to fall from the trees I noticed that there was something different about my neighborhood. 

Every day when we would go for our walk I would see new things in yards and on houses. Strange things, like creepy clowns and tombstones. Or the random ghost or blow-up black cat.

My moms kept talking about Halloween and costumes and candy, things I just don’t know much about. 

Then came the night when all the little humans were out walking around looking rather funny in different outfits knocking on doors and asking for candy. “Trick or Treat” they would say.

I was a little disappointed in my moms for just giving them treats when they didn’t do any tricks! Maybe they don’t know any tricks. I feel bad for them if they don’t. I can do lots of tricks.

After the Halloween was over there was lots of talk of the “holidays”. I don’t know what “holidays” are but I like that we can spend more time outside because it’s cooler now and the leaves are fun to run in when my moms rake them into a pile!

Disclaimer: this is not me. My mom found this photo on the internet thing and thought it was cute.

I miss playing in my hose though. Mom did something the other day and now the hose is dead for the rest of the year. She said it will be back in the spring when it’s not so cold outside.

The creepy things that I saw in people’s yards are gone now but they have been replaced with other strange things. Like people with straw coming out of their pants on porches and giant blow-up birds with hats in front yards. 

The Thanksgiving was here and I really liked that day. We got to see my cousins Red, Daisy, Abby, and Serious, and play on the ranch with the horses and alpacas. All the humans were inside cooking and eating and I even got to have a little turkey (and I didn’t have to do any tricks for it either). I think this was the best day of “the holidays” for me so far. 

My moms are talking a lot about the next big day which I guess is called Christmas. From what I understand, this will be just like the Thanksgiving we just did but with presents. I like presents. And treats. And turkey. I hope there’s turkey! I think we will visit with the cousins again that day and maybe spend the night. If we do, I might have to stay up late and guard some cookies that get left out for a guy they call Santa Claus.

The sound that’s coming out of the radio in the car is different now. We used to listen to a lot of just talking (which I found a little boring) but now there’s some fun music playing all the time. I think this goes along with the Christmas that’s coming up next. I like it pretty much but I don’t understand why my mom has to sing along all the time. Sometimes she sounds OK but mostly it hurts my ears! 

I think I heard someone say something about snow soon and that makes me very happy! I have so much fun on our walks in the snow. I don’t know why it doesn’t snow all year long! Oh, I guess then I couldn’t play with the hose or go swimming, huh? I like those things too. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on the holidays. I still don’t understand what they are, but as long as I get to play outside in the cooler weather, eat turkey without having to do a trick, and can listen to something different on the car radio I’m a happy girl.

Happy holidays!

Love, Bayley

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