What happened to my feet!!!

OMD! MOMS!!!! OMD! OMD! You have to come home now! Get off the trail and fly home NOW! Something is horribly wrong.

Everything was fine yesterday. Then today we all got up and I had my treats and my breakfast. Uncle Larry and Auntie Leslie went to work and I hung around the house like I usually do. Then Uncle Larry came home and we went outside. He got that machine out again – ya know, the one with the blades. Just like last time I had to try and bite it and run in front of it to save the grass. I did the best I could. Then we all came inside and we were hanging out in the big room and the next thing I know…MY FEET ARE GREEN!!

OMD.! What is happening? Do you think I am sick? So you have to come home right away. Auntie Leslie doesn’t seem concerned AT ALL!!! Please come quick!

Wags and Licks,

P.S. I got up this morning and my feet are not green any more so I think I am ok.

I wonder what happened? Maybe I am the incredible dog hulk.

P.P.S. Mom Shari we did not get to be together on your birthday so I am sending you extra wags and licks. I love you very much!

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